About Us

Who we are
Gekko Enterprise Co Ltd. Thailand is founded in November 2010.
It was founded 25 years ago a landscaping and garden maintenance company in Belgium.  The Aim : correct service and quality are far more important than quantity.
Realizing a lifelong dream, we have sold everything in Europe and moved to Bangkok, to a pleasant tropical climate.
We received several requests from friends and suppliers to do some research on Thai flora and because plants remain our passion, we decided to setup an export company.  The most difficult was the paperwork. That took about 1,5 year but finally we can say that the whole structure is legal and we have all necessary permits.
Next step was an inventory of Thai flora (and that research is still in progress), resulting in a web shop. The new web shop went online recently,so our apologies if certain things are not working yet but we will solve this as soon as possible.

A sudden opportunity showed up when we found a hidden treasure.Thailand is a hotspot for Bananas !
Worldwide there are about 1,000 banana species. Only 2 or 3 have commercial value. But we found in this area already 234 different species , and the list is growing weekly !!!!
This will be the largest offer of Musa species in the world online available. So this is an exciting new start, join us!

We check EVERY shipment personally , we do NOT ship juvenile plants, we only ship established plants.
We test EVERY specimen PERSONALLY before putting it on sale. (that's the fun part of the job )

We thank you in advance for your trust .

Very important ; We only ship things that are legal. Plants listed on CITES II are only possible if We can get a permit (which is mainly possible) AND when the costumer shows me an import license for it.