Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide from Bangkok, Thailand

Payment Method?

Right now we accept, Debit / MasterCard Visa.
We also have TransferWise Payment. 

Out of stock products: When will they be back? 

Due to the rarity of some of our products, our supply of certain products can be irregular, so we cannot announce with certainty when they will be back in stock. Please visit the site regularly to check product availability,or mail us and we will update asap.

Do you have any other species? 

All the species we have are posted on the website, but species come and go regularly. We have a permanent research team, looking for new or improved things. So if you want some specific, let us know. We can probably find it.

Can you give me more information about the products?

All information we have is on the website in the product description and the page giving advice on germination. Please note that the advice on germination document is not included with the shipment of your order.

Plants Size

Plants may be a little bit smaller in the picture customer may recieve a Little bit smaller but its very small difference.