Important Permit: Urgent note for all USA customers


Dear our loyal customers,

We strongly advise to all USA based buyers to obtain your import permit.

Reason is very simple; many of our plants are produced with 5-10 cuttings in ONE pot. (picture 2)

US customs now see this as 5-10 plants (picture 1) and not ONE.

So when you order 12 plants/pots, this will suddenly be stopped as “more than 12 plants” And then they demand your import permit.

Therefor if you buy these plants, then we will reduce this to ONE plant per pot. If you want the full pot then we need your import permit.

You can do this online in the below link.

 USA Import permit Click here to Sign Up For EPermits

Or use the link “BELOW

 in the USA there is no permit up to 12 plants. An import permit is required for 13 plants and more : 

Picture 1
Picture 1


Picture 2
Picture 2