Areca catechu Dwarf

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Areca catechu "Dwarf Form"


Common name : Dwarf Betelnut palm

Origin : Malaysia

Flower colour : small, green.

Soil : (rich)neutral

sun/shade : semi-shade to full sun

watering : keep it moist all the time.

Hardiness : not lower than 15 ° C

Height : max 10 m



Overall information : This nice slender growing palm is mostly known as betel nut palm. The seed contains alkaloids such as arecaine andarecoline, which, when chewed, are intoxicating and slightly addictive.

But the palm earned a far better reputation as being a magnificent specimen for indoor use. It is slow growing, demands high light and mild watering. Therefore ideal for shopping malls, airports, offices etc....

This is the dwarf form, a VERY slow growing species.

 One package contains 1 healthy young plant with approx 3 leaves. We ship bare rooted and wrap the roots in moist coco bark..

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