Musella lasiocarpa (Golden Lotus banana)

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Musella lasiocarpa (Golden Lotus banana)


Scientific name >> Local name : kluai bua Thong, kluai Kunming

Origin : Nepal, south China

Flower colour : upright, bright Yellow. (pic ok)

Soil : rich, neutral

sun/shade : full sun

watering : Require moist soil

Hardiness : not lower than 0 ° C

Height : 150cm


Overall information : The Chinese dwarf banana (Musella lasiocarpa), also known as the golden lotus banana, is a plant of the Musella genus. It is thus a close relative of bananas, and also a member of the Musaceae family. The plant is native to the Yunnan province in China, where it grows high in the mountains up to an altitude of 2500 m. It is known for its yellow erect flower (see image), generally appearing during the second year of cultivation, that can last a few months. Just before opening, the flower resembles a lotus - from which the plant gets one of its names. In 1841, the United States Department of Agriculture introduced Chinese dwarf cooking-bananas to Florida, but there was little interest among consumers at the time

We cut them back and ship them bare root in a 40cm strong cardboard box . Box specially designed for plant transport and is tested for international airfreight . We use Thai registered airmail. EMS is also possible but prices are on request.

In many cases we can provice different size and species. Please email us for more info.


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