Rhizophora apiculata

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Rhizophora apiculata


Scientific name / local name  :   Rhizophora  apiculata

Origin :   Australia

Flower colour : White.green   

Soil :   clay

sun/shade : full sun   

watering : Mangrove

Hardiness/ temp. ( C)  :   15C

Height :   6m


Overall information : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhizophora_apiculata

.Rhizophora apiculata is a species of plant in the Rhizophoraceae family. It is found in Australia (Queensland and the Northern Territory),Guam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the Maldives, Thailand, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

Rhizophora apiculata is called ‘bakhaw lalaki,’ in the Philippines, "Randho ޫރަނޑ" in the Maldives, 'Đước' in Vietnam, Garjan in India, as well as other vernacular names.

Rhizophora apiculata, as well as Rhizophora mucronata, is used to make charcoal in the charcoal kilns of Kuala Sepetang in Perak, Malaysia.

 One package contains 1 plant . We ship only healthy (in pot) growing plants. We cut them back and ship them bare root in a strong cardboard box with Thai registered airmail. EMS is also possible but prices are on request.

In many cases we can provice different size and species. Please email us for more info.


More pictures can be found on our company face book page here ; https://www.facebook.com/Asian.seeds.tubers.plants


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