Ensete Glaucum

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Ensete glaucum

Scientific name >> Local name : Kluai Nuan

Origin : China, Nepal, Tibet.

Flower colour : Pendulous, green

Soil : rich, neutral

sun/shade : semi-shade, full sun

watering : plenty !

Hardiness : not lower than 0 ° C

Height : 400cm


Overall information : Ensete glaucum, the Snow Banana, is a larger version of the Abyssinian Banana but not so well known, sometimes called Musa nepalensis orEnsete giganteum, or Ensete wilsonii. It is native to China, Nepal, India, Burma, and Thailand up to 2600-8800ft. It has a thick, waxy and blue, solitary trunk with huge bluish leaves up to 10ft/3m long. (info from Wiki)

!!!!! the word snowbanana does NOT mean it is extremely cold hardy !!! The word snowbanana comes from the white powder on the leaves that look like snow.!!!!!!!!

An extremely fast growing banana given heat, but not as hardy as Ensete ventricosum.

More pictures can be found on our company face book page here ; https://www.facebook.com/Asian.seeds.tubers.plants

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