Official Phyto Documents

Please be informed that Asean Plant Export can provide a complete phyto documents at a cost of US$19 per shipment, to secure your orders better:

"Free docs for orders above $100,00"


  • Export license.
  • EUN license.
  • EUE license.
  • Radopholus free certificate.
  • Full fyto docs.
  • Controlled plant export license.
  • Controlled nursery license .
  • Insect treatment license
  • Additional attachment with declaration of EU Law requirements.
  • Foreign trade license.
  • Gekko Enterprise Co.,Ltd. > PNG50 / PP20 / BS58 .
  • Packings list .
  • Original Invoice with lower value to avoid u paying high taxes and/or VAT.
  • Applications to all Thai government departments.
  • Included all transport and working hours (4h per shipment)up and down between our offices and trade department  .

Please be informed further that the PHYTO DOCUMENT service is selected BY DEFAULT in the Checkout page, STEP 6: CONFIRM ORDER.  Should you don’t want your shipment to include a Phyto Document, simply deselect it from the checkbox to avoid getting charged.  

In case the customer opts not to acquire a Phyto document, the customer shall bear full responsibility in case the Customs Bureau of the desitination country holds the shipment due to their respective laws and regulations in regard to importing plants to their country.