Cymbidium atropupureum

Cymbidium atropupureum


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Cymbidium atropurpureum

Common name : Pendulous Cymbidium

Origin : South-East- Asia

Flower colour : pendulous, brown,yellow

Soil : slightly acidic

sun/shade : semi-shade, partly sunny

watering : keep it moist all the time but its needs FAST drainage

Hardiness : plant not lower than 15°

Height : 30-60 cm

Overall information This is an extraordinary Cymbidium from Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo. These plants normally grow high up in trees. During the growing season this species requires lots of water but also a very fast draining medium. Keep them in filtered light. The flower spikes are pendulous and the flowers have a very strong coconut odour. the original species, that we sell, can vary in colour. It’s a mixture of yellow, brown, white and green. This Cymbidium prefers high temperatures and a very high humidity.

We ship only healthy plants, treated against bugs with Imidacloprid . We ship them is in a protective bag specially designed for plant transport and it is tested for international airfreight . We use Thai registered airmail. EMS is also possible but prices are on request.

one package contains 1 healthy plant (approx 30cm high)

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