Hippeastrum puniceum

Hippeastrum puniceum


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Hippeastrum puniceum


Scientific name / local name  : Hippeastrum puniceum

Origin :   South America

Flower colour :   soft red

Soil :   fertile

sun/shade :  sun to shade  

watering : plenty during growth

Hardiness/ temp. ( C)  :   0 C if dry during winter

Height :   100cm


Overall information :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippeastrum_puniceum

Hippeastrum puniceum is a bulbous perennial native to tropical regions of South America, although it has become naturalized elsewhere.[1] Common names include Barbados lily, Easter lily, cacao lily, cocoa lily and amaryllis lily,[citation needed] although it is neither a lily nor a species of Amaryllis.[1]


Plants have 4–6 leaves, each of which is bright green, 30–60 cm long by 2.5–3 cm wide, strap-shaped (lorate) and tapers at the end to an acute apex. The leaves are not fully developed when the flowers appear (i.e. they are more or less hysteranthous). The flowers are borne in an umbel on a stem (scape) which is 40–60 cm tall. The umbel has lanceolate green bracts at its base. The petals, or more accurately tepals, are orange-red with paler bases. The lower two tepals are much narrower than the lateral ones


 One package contains 1 tuber . We ship only healthy (in pot) growing plants. We ship in a strong cardboard box with Thai registered airmail. EMS is also possible but prices are on request.

In many cases we can provice different size and species. Please email us for more info.


More pictures can be found on our company face book page here ; https://www.facebook.com/Asian.seeds.tubers.plants

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