Mangifera indica Pakistan Coconut Mango /Alphonso

Mangifera indica Pakistan Coconut Mango /Alphonso


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Mangifera indica Pakistan Coconut Mango /Alphonso

Common name Mangifera indica

Origin : The tropics

Flower colour : green

Soil : Well fertilized and well drained soil

sun/shade : full sun to partial shade

watering : plenty

Hardiness : Not lower than 14° C

Height : Up to 10 meters

 Overall information : We have a wide range of mango. Please ask us for details because we have to add more info soon. We ship nice short compact plants, well rooted and grafted and wrap roots in Sphagnum. All plants are similar in height

Mangifera indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the sumac and poison ivy family Anacardiaceae. It is found in the wild in BangladeshIndia and Pakistan where it is indigenous and cultivated varieties have been introduced to other warm regions of the world. It is a large fruit-tree, capable of a growing to a height and crown width of about 100 feet and trunk circumference of more than twelve feet.[2]

The species appears to have been domesticated in India at around 2000 BC.[3] The species was brought to East Asia around 400-500 BCE from India; next, in the 15th century to the Philippines; and then, in the 16th century to Africa and Brazil by the Portuguese.[4] The species was described for science by Linnaeus in 1753.[5]

Mango is the National fruit of IndiaPakistan and the Philippines. The Mango tree is the national tree of Bangladesh.[6] It finds mention in the songs of 4th century CE Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. Prior to that, it is believed to have been tasted by Alexander (4th century BCE) and Chinese pilgrim Hieun Tsang (7th century CE). Later in 16th century Mughal EmperorAkbar planted 100,000 mango trees in DarbhangaBihar at a place now known as Lakhi Bagh.[7]

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