Tacca leontopetaloides

Tacca leontopetaloides


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Tacca leontopetaloides

Scientific name / local name  :   Tacca leontopetaloides

Origin :   Thailand

Flower colour :   green 

Soil :   well drained, rich soil

sun/shade :   semi shade 

watering :  plenty

Hardiness/ temp. ( C)  :  20 to +35 Celsius

Height :   100 cm


Tacca leontopetaloides is a species of flowering plant in the yam family Dioscoreaceae. It is native to Island Southeast Asia but have been introduced as canoe plants throughout the Indo-Pacific tropics by Austronesian peoples during prehistoric times. They have become naturalized to tropical AfricaSouth Asia, northern Australia, and Oceania.[1] Common names include Polynesian arrowrootFiji arrowrootEast Indies arrowroot, and pia.[3]

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